Sunday, April 29, 2012

cookie monster

wahaha just saw the cutest pic ever. a cookie monster figurine in the middle of super alot of cookies. heheh

stats: 4 days of peds, 4 days of ortho

WHY IS ORTHO TAKING SO LONG. so now i have 2 days for gen med, 2 days for surg, 1 day to finish up everything i couldnt finish for peds, 1 day for fam med. just brilliant. aurghh.

i definitely should have started earlier/ ponned some of surg to mug.

anyway, apparently recreational running is not a risk factor for OA knee. Hmmm my question is, how many km running per week/ at what speed is it considered recreational running?! haha.

also, i am definitely experiencing a day-night sleep-wake reversal since a) i slept at 330am and b) i feel equally smashed at 330pm (now) and 330am. this is terrible. hepatic encephalopathy? im definitely getting more grouchy too oh noes change in personality! then again, i always get grouchy while mugging, so it isnt very different

there are TWO public holidays coming up but i cant even enjoy them!! i'll be just sitting here reading seniors notes. so exciting. fourth year fourth year i want to do o&g/ anaesthesia/ fun electives!!! quickly come please.

but last night at 230am i was reading gifted hands again. maybe there are reasons for staying up late. maybe i had to read that chapter. even though i've read those words so many times, they never fail to astound and inspire me. it's not just becos he got a miracle (many in fact), as i used to inmaturely assert. it's just that i never know how to properly articulate the more unsuperficial feelings without sounding cheesy. its the whole impact of the sincerely, humbly-written words, which makes the wonder of the miracles hit you anew each time you read it. every time i read that book, i cant help but feel the calling tugging so strongly at me. it's just this whole unspecific, magnetic pull, coming from the well thumbed pages, the well remembered stories. you would think the more i read it, the more blase it sounds, but funnily enough, as i identify more and more with the situations, it means that much more to me each time.

i still havent done it justice. but anyway, read it, its awesome

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