Wednesday, April 18, 2012

coconut creme brulee

clearly happythings still exist in the world.

omg i feel really smashed sitting here waiting for my DOT which may never happen coz my reg has to teach m2s later ARRGH also i doubt it will be very good... after my hard-won varicose veins mini-CEX which i nearly got killed over. first the con wanted to kill me for making her take time out of clinic to do and once i started the intent for slaughter was due to my inept-ness. well since no one ever lets me do the tests saying no-one ever does them nowaways, of coursee i can hardly be technically proficient at them grah. and she's a nice con too. makes it even worse. lol

anyway the reason for being smashed is a too-enthusiastic combat class yest. omg. it was literally insane. the guy is wayyy too hyper. ok i hope he never sees this but a very tall & handsome combat teacher is EXCELLENT incentive to go work out wahaha i was actually intending to go back & sleep but thanks to him i now have space for the many bengawan solo things i am sure i shall ingest over the next week or so

then had eight hrs of sleep last night. what joy! now mugging paeds cardio. HEARTS

last hoop today, pleaseeee let my reg do my dot.....

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