Saturday, April 7, 2012


cherry blossom ending

we met again at this alleyway entrance

all the little misunderstandings have now dissappeared
the flickering air of the night
and all the songs of the crickets and frogs

there is a beautiful story under this light
i want to walk along this sea with you
there is an unknown scent hanging off this wind
i want to tell it to you so i call you

from at the entrance to the alley & yeosu night sea. korean indie music! haha yeosu night sea in korean is yeosu bam bada. so cute. i think the half angmoh? dude makes them even more indie/ geeknerd/ quirky cute for some reason. especially the scenes where they are mock geekily running/ cycling after cherry blossom petals.


could you not stay awake one hour for me

yesterday i could not even make it on time. so phail, so phail. *ashamed* i will try harder.

if God was like any other human being, he would have written me off by now. i can ennumerate people who have cut me off after me being late too many times. but just because He forgives, doesnt mean you should slip up. all the more, it means you should try extra hard not to.

oh well, its not like im ever going to attain sainthood. but maybe its good to at least understand how far off you are; how much you need to be saved. i was so dreadfully contrite yesterday ><

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