Friday, April 6, 2012

bananas/ one more time, ok?

right now i'm at my limit
everything is now stressing me out
i can't keep on like this
don't stop before the sun comes out

i'm goin banana bananas

lol always thought this was a happy upbeat song, never knew she was singing about being stressed! it is v hard to do a writeup after mad exam-mugging GAH. but i dont feel very stressed. in fact, i just feel very sleepy. in fact, i keep randomly falling asleep. sweet sleep indeed.

and the only reason why i am doing a second jaundice writeup is i am obssessed with the t-tube the writeup patient has. no idea why.

anyway: surgery eopt = THANK GOD literally. it wasnt very awesome [like i totally messed up the breast qn] but i think it went averagely okay. and i think mugging for it increased my surg knowledge a hundredfold which will be good for... mbbs, and TEH FUTURE. when i ever actually get there.

i dont think ill talk about the religious stuffs here but it was really inspiring, encouraging & affirming :) one of the things i find amazing is how, whereever you are, God is too. i think that's pretty awesome. even in different churches, different countries, God is there. and that prioritizing mass over gym is DUH the right choice x 100. spiritual muscle > real muscle anytime yo. on that note, i feel unfit maaaax. haha.

OK. writeup, church, some form of physical activity before i go stir-crazy. then STUDY URO

i wanna go to the bahamas.....

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