Friday, March 2, 2012

surgical tutor

i LOVE surgical tutor dot org dot uk!!

in other news, this morning had journal club, then rounds, then clerked five cases in quick succession with a post call yingjie (that girl is amazing, what can i say...).
my good!patient who made my day yest even tho he wasnt even there... was there today! to my pleasant surprise he was really friendly and was a TOTALLY UNCLERKED PATIENT, like no med student has ever clerked him!!!!! omg i almost died of shock. usually this kind of patient is swamped w med students!! okay not that i can pick up the physical finding despite the fact that i know its supposed to be there. one day, one day... and he is super bored ; walking all round the ward. LOL. patient ambulating ++

also my mentor assigned me a case for writeup and i CLERKED THAT CASE wow wonders will never cease.

random funny thing, yj was telling me that her team was pimping them abt colon anatomy
"what's behind the ascending colon?"
"erm... er... uhhhh"
"have you ever heard of the kidney?"


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