Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sunshine& kaya

1. diagnosed a neuro cond in clinic! :D
2. saw proctoscopy
3. did hernia mini cex and learnt where the deep ring is
4. auscultated for the creps in pulmonary fibrosis for the first time in my entire life
5. palpated lymph nodes + actually was able to name every single group of enlarged LN
6. felt splenomegaly for like the first time ever.
7. saw a choledoscope, t tube, dormia basket, and a biliary stent!
8. wrote the io/ hr/ bp etc in the case notes
9. clerked many many gastric outlet obstruction cases

wed - some variation of hepatobil clinics where hopefully i get an abdo mini cex done?!,watch a surg [but i dunno any of the gastrectomy anatomy stuff so i might get burnttt aurgh and its nowhere in burkitts.] crash some hernia surgeries [but it's awkward enough standing around surgeries of people i am actually following, let alone a half of the team that i'm not following..] aurgh i really want to watch a hernia surgery, i find that when i watch this kind of stuff, the anatomy + pathophys gets imprinted into my mind better.
thurs - THYROID CLINICS + mini cex?!
friday - watch thyroid surgery?!
i'm just obssessed with thyroid stuff, because i dont have much exposure since i'm not attached to the head & neck team.
weekend - write writeup.

also i have been eating way too much kaya reccently, weightgain aside, is it bad to eat too much kaya?! haha. i wanted to run today but i fell asleep. and when i woke up, thanks to the tiptoeing during op-watching today, my calf muscles feel like they already ran. oh well.

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