Saturday, March 10, 2012

some things

i have seen/ done reccently
1. AAA! more than one actually.
2. hepatomeg short case
3. clerked a patient with appendicitis
4. learnt that you should always check the level of pitting oedema
5. saw catheterization
6. an enlarged prostate is >20g
7. the PSA should be <1 in a normal male
8. percussed a full bladder [quite common in uro clinics cos they have to drink a lot of water for the uroflow.everyone sounded v traumatised abt this]
9. felt a hard irregular prostate
10. bgit mx
11. how to test for rebound tenderness & ask specifically for it [something i admit i have never done ever before in a physical examination]
12. sent off a blood tube in ice!

random note:
dear God, thank you for the people you have placed in my life at strategic places to wake me up, and to give me encouragement that because of the people it comes from, i know is coming from you through them. thank you also events in the past that have proved to mean more than they did at the time, and thank you also for times when i talk to people as fellow human beings and get to know them better :)

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