Monday, March 19, 2012


the reason why i do this reflection thingy is to convince myself that my days spent slacking off in the MO room arent a complete waste of time LOL. like seriously, i feel like i know the ho really well now after we keep meeting him in the MO room. BUT in my defence it was mbbs today so we were banned from the usual ward we frequent. yeah, i know, there are plenty of other wards around, but the activation energy to go to an unusual ward & clerk cases that are not the usual surgcases one expects to clerk during a surg rotation is really tooo high

anyway the front part of todayy was shudderingly slack, but it really picked up considerably after ~ 2pm

amongst other things, got an impromptu tutorial on hernias, saw some signs (which i think i'd better not describe here, but it was quite fun the 15mins clerking with t esp when he went into the wrong room and they were speaking some foreign lang and everyone was in confusion for some time), clerked a case of haematuria (due to an interesting cause!), bladder outlet obstruction (sy kept telling us it's AMAZING & we will NEVER SUSPECT what it is so for like 20mins yj and i were brainstorming all the uro/renal stuff that is rare like wilm's tumor/ posterior urethral valve/ all the GNs blablabla then in the end it is due to... a stone LOL), v good tutorial on stones! i think i understand the stone management and treatment much much better now! actually i dont know much abt stones either so im not sure why answers kept coming out of my mouth HAHA but its okay, can only be a good thingg.

then on the way back i was trying to look for a good case i saw on call & yj was randomly flipping files as i wrestled with the COW she found a case of a lovely patient with dysphagia. the funny thing is apparently the moment i introduced myself he already said his diagnosis but i didnt understand cos he was speaking chinese so in the end i managed to take a good history!

then i went for rpm and i was so late that i had to cycle on stage zomg. on the bright side, pretty hard to slack off.

on the dark side, it is eleven pm and tomorrow is another 6am wakeup call *sobs*. nevertheless, i conclude that i prefer productivity & seeing new stuff x100 to aimlessly wandering the wards, fruitlessly bugging hos for cases and having discussions with hos about Life (altho the ho really is a very lovely and kind person i have to say, we are always having all these boliao convos in the background as he is making all these impt phone calls lolol) & it really was v nice of him to take the time to teach us hernia today. really much appreciated :) i think i shall buy cookies for the kind hos when surg finishes, assuming i actually survive this rotation. oh and i am getting my writeup back tmr. apart from the fact i have no idea where to get it from, i think i am screwed coz practically everyone ignored the word limit so they have looong expositaries on surgical diagnosis/ investigations/ treatment and i have this sparsely worded, concise, spare, zen thing

- trauma teaching @ 730
- follow ward rounds til ~845
- 845- 945 radio tutorial on breast which i smartly suggested a patient for eh its such good findings okay well maybe g/ w/ t who saw the patient too can give the hx and i can zzzz
- 945-1030 - queue for some v strong coffee
- 1030-1130 tutorial on i dunno what so no time to prepare.
- 1130-2 slip into some vascular clinic
- 2-2.30 lunch + memorize mini-cexes
- 2.30-5 beg some kind soul to do my arterial & vascular mini-cexes + hopefully learn what is a venous star + brawny odema. i asked the friendly ho and he was like i dunno... five mins later he was telling us all about it and i was like "oh wow!" him "im reading off your computer screen" HAHA.
-5 -11 call!!

- colorectal clinics?!
- watch breast surg? to this date i have only watched the removal of fibroadenomas, i havent watched sentinel lymph node things yet.
- must send off the thing. MUST

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