Thursday, March 1, 2012


the 6am wakeup calls are starting aurgh

but today started out pretty well, with an interesting m&m & watching an intra-op video of a gastric bypass! [except the part where i practically got a haematoma from the car door hitting my tibia as i was getting out at 6.58am hahah. and except the whole waking up at 6am thing]

thenn followed the whirlwind ward round, i really do like the intricacies of this particular constellation of organ systems! and i find curtain pulling stressful coz i nv know when to pull the curtain and when to pull it back. so most of the time its me causing the curtain to billow uncomfortably & get into the eyes/ hair/ hand/ general way of the HO/ everyone else.

and then followed a fun time trying to stalk my mentor, sorry i mean actually locating the place he was at. first i established it was a place called ABC, then had to go round asking everyone what is ABC. then i had to FIND ABC. by this time, i felt stressed, so i went to jollibean to buy a pandan thing. then i found that yj and sy were staked out at ABC looking for hernia cases, so joyfully i went to join them. so then i had to find out exactly where in ABC, as in which OT my mentor was in, then where to change into scrubs, etc. and then at this juncture the nurse informs me that the op is almost over so there's not much point joining. zzz. anyway this is all just to say that i spend most of my time going around in circles hunting for my team/ HO/ mentor/ team lists and usually i dont find anyone/ anything so people probo think i'm slacking off. gah. but like i told hy, it could be worse, i could be playing world of warcraft on the comp!

to continue the story, sy and yj have given up and targeted a 1230 case, so they went to med student lounge to lounge around first [presumably] so after wandering around lostly for a bit, and meeting c who informs me he is on his way to the lawyer's office?!! loll i go and crash their hernia-clerking prep/ have lunch with them. i think they were slightly horrified at the thought of 3 of us all clerking this person who i mean may not even consent to ANYONE clerking him/her at all, but they were pretty nice about it i must say. but anyway at 12 noon my sister cg calls to surprise us with a vascular tutorial -_- so no hernia clerking for anyone LOL

then we had a pretty awesome vascular tutorial with an extremely nice tutor, and then a surprisingly quick surgical scrub revision, and then i finally work up the courage to call my tutor after eavesdropping on how other pple talk to their tutors on the phone *stress* and i find out that they have JUST EXITED

zzzzz at 3pm?! so then i bum around & clerk a patient so lousily that i dont even ask her for her past medical hx, and i thought she had ca of one system but actually she had ca of a TOTALLY DIFF SYSTEM. and at 5, nearly dying of exhaustion/ sadness at my inefficacy and inability to actually follow my tutors around/ clerk patients like a gd medical student or even LOG IN TO THE COMP SYSTEM, i open a file randomly and chance upon THE BEST CASE LIKE EVER. that's the good bit. the not so gd bit is the patient was not actually there at that point in time hahaha but yknow if hes walking around chances are he is lucid/ young/ energetic enough/ friendly enough to answer my qns. ok it gets better, so then i see some of my team regs around the area, PLUS MY MENTOR OMG JACKPOT, and then it turns out they are doing a 2nd exit round with the consultant omg super jackpot yay. okay so its not like the most enlightening round of all time but i honestly felt such extreme achievement you wouldnt believe it hahaha. and then i came home on the v shiny new circle line & made it for yoga & then submitted my edits for the article that i have to help write for the debate. EFFICIENCY ++

yes thus was my v exciting (not) day.

aims for my remainder 1 week + 1 day in this team
1. draw curtains faster HAHAA
2. watch at least 1 whipple!!
3. actually watch an op in the same OT as my mentor [this is more difficult than i thought, through no fault of his but genuinely due to my own general inefficacy]

goodnight folks

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