Sunday, March 11, 2012


Was feeling v pleased at my productivity until it hit me that I hadn't started studying upper GI for my clinic tmr with a notoriously scary tutor, because I've only studied hbs being in the hbs team, uro for clinics and breast for the upcoming rotation. Preparing myself mentally for a slaughtering tomorrow.

conversation in the car
me: *dithering back and forth about life choices* ... to be a surgeon, you need a certain kind of personality [note, i censored this, i didnt quite say it in sucha pc way]]
my dad *kneejerk reaction*: oh that won't be any problem for you at all

omg wahahaha

anyway omg what is there to study for upper gi?! BGIT, PUD, okay covered some time ago, oesophageal stuffs like oesophageal ca/ achalasia/ gerd/ oesophagitis/ plummer-vinson syndrome (cramming like a mad woman now), gastric ca... that's it right?? wow i was SO content just now too. blehhh LIFE

relieving my (considerable) stress with tintin that sy passed me. and meihua also just emailed me a very reference-filled reply to my question about signet ring gastric ca. wow. cg-amazingness

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