Thursday, March 22, 2012

i refuse to sell out & follow the ways of the worldlywise.
i'm just going to hold on to my conviction that im not doing this for fame fortune or prestige but because i am called to do this.
and yes it scares me no end that i DONT have aforementioned perfection/ achievements to my name. but then again, i guess pick & choose my battles. missing a few buses and taking a hike around town is fine, i know He will come through for me when i really need it.

ps: dear God, i think i really need this thing this time round, because although it will be a huge miracle if i get in without doing an iota of stuff beforehand, i think that i am willing to put in the work if only i get the chance to. - Me

also thank you for RM today, she was really such a dear!
and thank you for the email. i think i will show my gratitude for every email small thing though it might be, it means everything to me.

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