Sunday, March 4, 2012

hello to myself

chanced upon this song from the dream high 2 ost, and its ... SPOT ON.  feels like a letter i could have written in the past to my future self, ie me now hehe. as the song says - "how is it to fulfil your dream/ is it sometimes boring because it's become a normal routine for you/ if you ever get lonely and tired/ will you remember me who used to dream here". SO TRUE, SO TRUE.

i cant promise, past self, that i will ALWAYS be happy to the point where my heart overflows. this is pretty awesome, but i can't live life skipping through the fields of sunflowers. at some point you need to accept that you are grateful a million times over and just... buckle down to it. but just take it from me, past self, that i'm really close to the dream now. and for everything that has happened thus far, i believe that God will bring me all the way to it.

but i can promise that i will remember the dreams that eighteen year old dreamt, and do everything that person felt was so impossible and far away. and that sometimes, like when God gives me the miracles i now know to trust him for, i will definitely be happy to the point that my cup overflows with joy. :) ps it was pretty cool when you won that debate so if you still feel angst abt sec sch debates just know that God has something really really nice planned for you later on ;)

hello to myself by ye eun (wonder girls)
where are you; how close are you

to the dream that i wanted so bad
here, i'm still falling and crying again
i'm hurt and tired and have no strength to get up
but you would probably see me and smile
will you comfort me, saying don't cry?
will you tell me that i can do it

how are you - how is it to fulfil your dream?
doesnt it hurt when you pinch yourself
or is it sometimes boring
because it's become a normal routine for you?
if you ever get lonely and tired
will you remember me, who used to dream here

will you think of me here and smile
hello to myself, hello to myself
will you be happy to the point where your heart overflows

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