Friday, March 30, 2012


some people are just really prolific, like hartmann, trendelenburg, etc...

2nd call!! i was all prepared to sleep on the couch in the MO room but the MO wanted to sleep there?! not really sure why, but i got to sleep in the room instead. wandering around the hallways of the departmental offices at ~330am, teh magic hour, made me feel rather as if it is v impt to have a bed to sleep in and a roof over one's head... lol.

all i need is the air i breathe
and a place to lay my head
 - one republic

also yest night on call i met some of the nicest surgeons like EVER. seriously. also i assisted in an appendectomy! and a hernia op! woot :D
today = RIDICUOUSLY sleepy. did NOT watch thyroidectomy. nvm haha pick & choose one's battles huh

7-8 mcqs
8-930 run to botanics & back [im charging my ipod now]
930-1030 study scrotal swellings, lumps and bumps [all the basal cell carcinoma and misc skin stuffs]
1030-1130 read up on ecgs

ecg day
ask people abt mcqs LOL

dunno i guess ill study whatever takes my fancy, it's not like i can take a vacation to the bahamas right now...

am - join new cases reg clinic for upper GI and beg/ wheedle/ implore whoever it is to sign my abdo and lumps & bumps mini cex, which would only leave me with vascular to knock out, which i'll prolly do on...

which is chockablock with tutorials. it feels like im in ttsh
845 - radio tutorial
11- head & neck tutorial
2pm - mr y tut
3pm - tubes & drains tutorial

revise. DUH.

thyroid clinic am/ castigate self for horrifying slackness during fam med. to be fair even if i tried to study types of sutures then im not sure if it would have gone in!?!

i really hope they ask the layers one must cut thru for appendectomy HAHA

anyway, v happy :) such a productive & nice call! was really lucky to meet such nice pple.

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