Thursday, March 15, 2012

f scott fitzgerald's way of love

i wonder if you hurt like me

new 2am song! the gatsby fangirl in me approves heartily

there are crazy fast paced days (read: my first day in the breast team where i rounded, assisted during surgery, and followed the team on call), and days when things dont go as planned , but generally all round i see lots, so it's great!

a quick sampling
1. head & neck short case today
2. watched a thyroid fine needle aspiration
3. epigastric mass short case with yj
4. assisted in a breast surgery
5. watched my HO flush a drain
6. many many hernia cases in SDA thanks to the ho who actually smses us when the cases come in, wow. (i've learnt that in surg, no one smses/ calls you to be anywhere hahaha.)
7. sebaceous cyst (it has a punctum!)
8. incentive spirometer (you SUCK it, not blow it. Big lesson of exit round today)
9. choledochal cysts
10.  green 'malena' ie due to ferrous fumarate
11. breast pre-op cases
12. oriental cholangiohepatitis
13. polycystic kidneys (my newest obsession)
14. 3 stage operation for perforated diverticular disease (didnt actually see this but they were discussing at grand ward rounds)
15. CLO test for helicobacter pylori
16. enlarged parotid gland for inx
17. hasselbach's triangle

funny stuff
me *rushing about madly looking for cases*
a HO: wow you look really madman
me and yingjie: ...!?? LOL
HO: i mean your dress looks like mad men... you know, the tv show...


and i kept meeting the ho from my old team in the mo room today, and i was using the same comp every time. the second time he saw me at the comp he was like... have you not moved for the past three hours? the third time at 5pm he just came in and saw me and started laughing irrepressibly and then offered me DVT prophylaxis. lol FOR THE RECORD i went for exit rounds in between okay

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