Sunday, March 18, 2012


today/ the past few days have been raining gently but i learnt that in life, there may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such thing as a free chocolate chip cookie.

two, in fact.

and to _____, thanks for that comment that really made my day. i think what was cheering was the genuiene-ness of it all

today i put all the stresses/worries in God's hands. strange how the prayer requests can multiply so much from just one week to another, it seems like just last week, no, it WAS just last week i went there and it was all thanksgivings and I LOVE SURG and etc etc and now it's like a shoppinglist of requests again, but can't be helped. i suppose enjoy the sunshine & all the jazz while it lasts ehh.

but in any case, i think that the fact that i have one lead at all, is definitely the stuff of miracles. i know its gonna be difficult following it up and the timing has to be right and aargh. but i will trust, i will.

three weeks down, five more to go.

good stuff
1. aaamazing combat class on saturday. i heart highkicks.
2. chocolate chip cookies
3. great teaching at friday's breast clinic. i actually really like having another student with me coz usually the tutors teach more. and it also pressures me to give less silly answers coz it looks embarrassing hehe

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