Saturday, February 4, 2012

training for the rain

this article is inspiring! :)

dear God,
please be with us as we prepare. no matter what, at least let it be an enjoyable experience, and let that atmosphere of goodcheer & hilarity carry on seamlessly into the realthing.  i honestly believe that we have the capacity to bring it to a new level. i just pray that You be with us and give us your blessing, such that we can carry it to fruition. i don't ask for a miracle per se, just that you protect us from personal stupidities [i dont know about the others, but i am queen of random stupidities at the worst times] & help us to do the best we can do. but most of all i feel that if we have a ball when preparing then everything will be smoothsailing. please please help us. i dont really understand or know why we are called to this at all, i am assuming it goes beyond personal materialism and such, and that it is Your will. i really hope it is, haha, but erm whatever it is, just be with us.

i know that when i was younger, i did not have the right attitude towards all of this. and i know that you will help those who help themselves. i will definitely try my best, no questions asked, and i know that in the past, things happened for a certain reason. and that even in that moment when i thought my trust had been misplaced, You were protecting me from things i could not have understood. now, i think i understand some of those reasons, although i am not sure that i can ever understand your ways fully. and so now i put those memories aside, and trust in you. because if i could have gone down that path so easily without You intervening & putting me back on the path that you want me to go on, then i think that i am more than equal to the challenge that awaits me :) if that makes any sense.

- me

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