Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sugar plums

surg! i thought it was pretty cool that on my first day i saw a lap chole + open chole BUT it turns out i kinda slipped into the wrong OT so it was the same team, but the OT i was supposed to be, they were doing WHIPPLES aarghh!! but then on the bright side i was basically really scared and didnt even introd myself to the surgeon except between the lap and open chole, so it was prob a good thing i didnt go into the other OT coz if i didnt introduce myself i would probably have been hurled out feet first; discovered at wardrounds today that the medstudent habit of slipping quietly and as unobstrusively as possible into things is not the greatest idea. SO small mercies.

anyway surg is obviously awesomely cool and all, but i dont quite feel the frission of excitement i felt in paeds? which is odd since i gave up my surgdreams not THAT long ago and i only gave it up becos of the really killer long hours not coz of lack of love for the coolness of surgery itself. funny that the sound of newborn babies crying during neonatology tutorials can seem so musical to the ear and so lovely but i dont feel anything even when watching operations? maybe i'm immune to watching them?? actually not true, i've only watched like a couple of TKRs in ortho before this. hm weird, but anyway, on an intellectual level im enjoying the new info in surg like the million classifications to learn.

and God's providence is increasingly made obvious like when i worked up my courage to join the other part of the team today and YOCH is the HO! really thank God becos i was able to follow her around &; get the list from her (obviously since i would recognise yoch like from a mile away).

haha it seems like just yesterday that i was randomly telling her stuff behind the couch in PCCF & she was telling me during one of the prayer sessions that she had just started gen med and she caused alot of haematomas or sth haha BUT she is SO PRO now seriously. i followed her to take out a central venous line which omg i would totally be hyperventilating if i had to do it but she was coolly doing it all, and asking me qns about central venous lines the whole time wow respect. but i think i must have kachoed her super alot these 2 days, so i feel really bad.

like coz i mean, should i ask this HO whom i know for help about random stuff, or shall i pace up & down the ward continuously, waiting for HOs and lists to magically appear? HMMM so of course... haha but anyway the HOs are all changing over tomorrow. the eternal flux of the hospital.

anyway i bought the surg text burkitts & i'm LOVING IT. like the textbook. literally. its like the answer to EVERY QN I COULD EVER HAVE. ive been flipping browse/ andre tan and everything is black & white, no comprehendo. but when i read the text, it's like LIGHTBULBS FLIPPING ON.

oh and fam med eopt went mercifully well. i'll need it, too, coz the rehab writeup i just submitted, all i can say is... it's slightly more than 1.5k words & it has all the rehab terminology. not even all. just the usual ICF, premorbid ADL indep blabla. bleh. that comes from doing a writeup at midnight your first real day of surg, and 2 weeks after u actually clerked the patient. and from only having the FIM score of the least exciting patient u clerked, not the lovely old man with a neuro cond but plays sudoku & who even makes medical students/ nurses play with him. hai. or the one with all the social issues you can write a long writeup about. oh well. i mean to be fair, they all deserve equal treatment, so they all deserve equaLLy a write up, right? ha ha lets hope my marker thinks so too. anyway off to read about surgical diets, and figure out exactly how ERCP is done. and let's hope i actually follow the right person ie my mentor to the right place at the right time to see the right thing and get a good case for writeup! or if not i shoulda just stayed in wonderland sighs.

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