Monday, February 20, 2012

hi world

i am really bored studying for my eopt right now.

when watching a lecture last night:
lecturer: ...end of life blabla such as COPD
me: huh did he just say EOPT?


also i have sent off a new chain of emails that basically mean, right after finals = MAD LEARNING OF KOREAN, then fly off to ________, then fly home, then fly to korea. wow. i'm just a money sucking machine arent i. gah i hate myself and no this isnt teeny bopper angst, it's more of an huh why is electives suddenly so exp i just want to go to ttsh and learn about neurothings from the neurogods there! no dont get me wrong, i love korea obviously, its just that i really dont like indulgence but i have no. other. alternative. and did i mention i really like korea? haha. anyway. i vetoed this madidea some time back but as time goes on i realise i need to submit this thingy to get documents to send over to korea to just... GET THINGS GOING instead of bummingaround electivelimbo. anyway, they may not approve it, coz in korea they... speak korean. SURPRISE. then. i will really have no elective.

anyway! i'm going to buy coffee now. i dunno why i just feel so tired all the time honestly. it's better when im madly busy coz then i dont have time to think "i am tired", it is usually GOGOGO!! *runs like headless chicken from one end of the hosp to the other*.

anyway. yet another lecture. i must really start 20 common symptoms!! i should have studied harder right, instead of gloriously bumming away. oops! haha

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