Tuesday, February 21, 2012

a few words on the soul

And as if this was not enough,

you spin without a ticket in the carousel of the planets,
and along with it, dodging the fare, in the blizzard of galaxies,
through eras so astounding,
that nothing here on Earth can even twitch on time.

- here

i absolutely love wislawa szymborska's poetry. who ever knew the absence of things could be so beautiful. in other news, sheer boredom has led me to marathon dramas/ reading poems/ play reviews until i am sick of reading about them. today woulda been a perfect day to go to combat & punch out my frustration at memorizing memonics, plus the very handsome W is teaching, but i only have so much selfdiscipline in a day. and i dont want to do anything remotely resembling productivity in the evenings. in other news this is paying off coz i am now 9/20 of the way through common symptoms. let's not talk about retention rate, hahaha. acute retention of knowledge yo!

i can't actually remember when is the last time i studied so hard/ desperately, because for previous EOPTs, i prepared beforehand, as in there wasnt anything i had NEVER seen before, maybe more of expanding into the depth of the topics/ exactly what treatment/ exactly what random feature of the thing/ picture recognition for spot diagnosis. never have i started handwriting notes for a stack of notes almost AS THICK AS PRISCILLA'S INTERNAL MED, 1 week before the exam, not in year 3 that is. i can't say i miss the smell of desperation, not at all. and okay maybe paeds was rather content heavy but i was super mentally prepared to work hard in that right from the get go, so it was stressful + expectations, but i knew i was on track with something whatever it may have been. or maybe i've just forgotten all the stress thanks to fam med lulling me into a state of COMPLACENCY. why do people tell us there is nth to study for fam med, HELLO pendleton's 7 thingy thingy

overheard this morning
"oh the pendleton's thing is very important"
"yes it is!"
"the first one is reason for encounter, and the second one is..... uh i forgot already"

anyway we had quite a fun radiology roundabout thingy, except since i practically have clinical ennui/ narcolepsy (hahah kidding) i was just zonked in general. but yes i learnt quite a bit, maybe weighing it up i would have skipped it to study for like fam med but i dunno i think its an exp that one doesnt get all along, yknow? and then i had a green waffle = HAPPY.

and then i studied so much that i consequently actually got bored of the poetry/ plays i used to alleviate the boredom of mugging. wow. but anyway, a nice poem!


My nonarrival in the city of N.
took place on the dot.
You'd been alerted
in my unmailed letter.

You were able not to be there
at the agreed-upon time.
The train pulled up at Platform 3.
A lot of people got out.

My absence joined the throng
as it made its way toward the exit.

Several women rushed
to take my place
in all that rush.

Somebody ran up to one of them.
I didn't know him,
but she recognized him

The railroad station in the city of N.
passed its exam
in objective existence
with flying colors.

The whole remained in place.
Particulars scurried
along the designated tracks.

Even a rendezvous
took place as planned.
Beyond the reach
of our presence.

In the paradise lost
of probability.

Somewhere else.
Somewhere else.
How these little words ring.

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