Sunday, February 19, 2012


big bang is coming back!! can't wait can't wait :D

there are some things i would love to say now, but i'm not sure if there ever is a right time. yeahh cliche

however, i feel like talking about poetry (as usual. hehe) i read some stuff last night that made me realise just how flippant my poetry is. i am relying COMPLETELY on puns, and i don't ever give the imagery its own weight. i guess it's mostly because in real life, i generally ignore everything bad, and never let negativity run its course. which is good coz obviously its better to be a generally happy bunny rather than wallowing in negativity. or even if i do, i don't like to translate it to a poem, which would basically preserve the emotions i fight so hard to keep at bay. and its more important to be happy than to write good poetry. haha. also the fact that my life is not really particularly poetic. or maybe i just haven't found the right language

that said, i think maybe the puns belie the point that the imaginary speaker is trying to find something to hide behind. if not, why not use the real meaning of the word; why use something with double meanings? but that said, i just felt so ashamed that i am unable to tap into the deeper vein of things; to write something that goes under the skin. but anyway, it's okay, i write poetry to live, i dont live to write poetry. i don't exactly have to create the highest forms of art, i just need to laugh at the absurdities of life. and really i just inherently love puns heh.

okay, maybe i will say this much. i realised in that moment the magnitude of the achievement, and i also realised this: that you win some, you lose some. however, i must also say, that many times i have lost everything, like both my whitecoat and _______, so, while the earth is not perfection personified i think it's pretty allright really.

and also 7/8 of the pics look really nice but in some of the the angles are really not flattering zomg. after starving myself for five days... okay actually only that lunch before the AIC talk, making the experience an EXTREMELY PAINFUL ONE to sit through, and i realise omgggg now i feel like doing it even more ahahah. well dudes this is why i GENERALLY dont wear haltertops, yeah.

anyway, now watching alllll the online lectures zzzz. okay but i think travel med is actually pretty cool. like you must consider such a wide range of things people could possibly do on their holidays. and i like the categorization

under water precautions there is
- drinking water
- water sports eg diving/ boating
- schistomiasis/ leptospirosis

lol just such a wide range. actually legionella too, at business conferences no?

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