Sunday, January 15, 2012

sleepy ++. my sleep cycle is allmessedup, instead of alldressedup. sigh. as illustration, i woke up at 4pm yesterday?! anyway hols part2 has just started and i kicked it off with... uh waking up at 4pm & having a really painful run to the botanics. that took me ONE HOUR AND FOURTY MINUTES. to be fair i actually got there in 40 mins. then i sat on a bench for 10 minutes, then i painfully dragged myself back for the next however long the remainder of the time is. i think im getting unfit. i used to be able to do 40 mins there & 40 mins back. i thought i would be super sleepy after that but at 3am i was discovering the joys of a new baking shop at holland v! yay!

... and now i'm really, really sleepy

today i have to
1. finish my writeup
2. gym
3. family lunch/brunch
4. church
5. actually start studying

in this hols, i plan to
1. plan my electives (theoretically i can do what i was intending to, but pending ethical approval... let's all hope it works out!)
2. plan my post m3 hols!! :D
3. learn how to make cakes with fondant/icing etc
4. I REALLY WILL MAKE CINNAMON ROLLS. i have been aiming to do this like even before med sch LOL.
5. learn korean :):)
6. lose 5kg. wahahaha. actually in sg, i tend to put on weight during hols (as opposed to how when i actually flew back here for hols, i used to lose weight simply cos im guilt-tripped into exercising more, and im not eating out like super alot). and my cg is extremely happening with alot of outings haha. the last outing was thoroughly amusing even though we were all SUPER TIRED (from i dunno what also. is polyclinic very tiring clearly not. probably it is so un-tiring that we feel free to pursue other things outside and then stagger in barely awake yea that's it).
7. do things to be a better person [purposefully vague but i know what this means!!]
8. buy haruki murakami books :)
9. shop!
10. have a longrun to the botanics & back at least 1x/ week, hopefully 2x? hahaha. and that by the end i will be able to do it in 1 hr 20 mins ;p

and of course study. bleh. i think i aim to really study not like lay everything out infront of the comp and then bum. duh. seriously usually i bum forever and then study for 1 hr between 1am and 2am -_-
anyway to the people doing the conference thingy, good luck! im sure it'll be awesome, and thankyou for the break that we have coz of it HAHA thanks thanks really :)

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