Tuesday, January 10, 2012


just sent the stupidest email of all time, essentially saying "hi guys sorry i have no suggestion" SUCH INTELLIGENCE. but really, i cant be faulted. it's 10pm and i have to produce a case writeup/ presentation/ somesuch thing of intangible form by 830am at a very far-flung place to my tutor. sigh. and its not really a chronic case either

WHY did i stay back until 530pm in this slack posting is beyond me. i think we must have broken the all-time record for staying behind in this particular segment of the posting. and SOUL-DESTROYING MRT RIDE, practically from one end of the green line to the other. not to mention the morning traffic jams. ughh

anyway i really cant think of anything. speaks volumes for my intel. its okay, i'm now a r-o-b-o-t. yeps.

that said, it was a really interesting day! we had the most fabulous tutor ever. i dont know, he just managed to integrate basic science, fam med principles, and all the stations in the service rotation BRILLIANTLY, all the while being entertaining & interesting. infact halfway thru going thru the answers to the worksheet he was like "eh actually i'm not answering the questions am i, i'm just talking about interesting things" but no, it was v good!!

and then after that in the afternoon h and me sat in on his clinic session, and interviewed (i dont think clerked is the word, as h was like asking half the qns for me, and it was more of a fam-med style ICEKAPS thing. after tt, h was like, i think u need to study more HAHA thanks thanks). this pt who was telling us "oh i dont like to tell doctors what i have, i see if they can guess it and then if they can, YES!!" when we went back to the room and mentioned it to the doctor he was like "nooooooo!" *head in hands* and yeah basically it was just the most interesting variety of patients ever in a polyclinic/primary care setting. take it from me, who saw 14 urtis in a row, and the moment i exchanged rooms, my friends saw a case of cellulutis. and i diagnosed a case of warts! awesome possum

oh and our tutor treated us to lunch. that guy is seriously the nicest and most generous tutor EVER.

now case writeup ARGH this is never-ending. or in this case, never-starting. i think if they want us to ICEKAPS our way thru can but the format should be more geared towards that...

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