Monday, January 16, 2012

one time

i fall asleep after morning breaks uh

no pain no gain
i dont count the few things that i lost
there are things to gain

the fire inside my heart keeps burning;
doesn't know how to die down, higher
there is nothing i can do for life;
this sweat down my forehead hasn't even dried yet

shout again for this moment
one time, one time
up to the sky, higher than the heaven

my expression-less reflection in the window says,
i know, you know, why do my tears keep flowing
up to the sun (up to the sun)

also, must restrain self from running to the botanics for bkfast w/ n tomorrow! lol. i really get obsessed with the most random things. in my defence, the botanics is really very pretty, i love running, i love running in pretty places & new routes (the canal is rather smelly. and i have run there for yeaaars).

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