Sunday, January 15, 2012



on retrospect, going for rpm challenge the day after running freakin' long to botanics & back was a crazy idea. i was SMASHED. literally. i have never felt so exhausted ever. right now i feel like ive just ran a half-marathon. and having run a half-marathon multiple times before, i think i can vouch for that and say... yea, it feels pretty similar.

anyway it can't have been helped by my uber-weird sleeping habits reccently

now am doing writeup. again. yea it gets old really fast. i know that too.

the interesting thing today is that we have NO MEANS OF UPLOADING THIS WRITEUP. kinda takes all the motivation out of doing it... but i just know that if i dont do it, magically the way of uploading will reappear on ivle. then i'll be screwed. so im doing it! it better appear anyway.

another thought is that i must reaally focus on things i want to do. the problem is that there are so many things i want to do with my life. $300 for a cake decorating class actually seems reasonable! when you arent the one earning the $$ that is ;p

okay the 3 Ps and 3 Cs. why am i even bothering. paeds. paeds. come on you can do this!!

note to self: looking at food blogs to entertain yourself when doing work makes you eat more. nooo shit.

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