Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i'm positive i've posted this before, but i can't help it. this is PHENOMENAL.

kickstarted teh mugging.... with a long brunch + catchup with nandita @ botanics yesterday! hehe. we literally walked all over the botanics! and had the most carbfilled but yummy lunch ever. literally. it was french toast + cinnamon + strawberries. amazing. and ahh i am so looking forward to visiting n&n and m & everyone else in the us... ONE DAY when i finally organize electives/ vacation there :) anyway after i finally got to the lib and sat down at 1230pm (SUCH EFFICIENCY. NOT), i got called away on a random mission, which only got finished at 130. so by the time i really started studying, i was extremely sleepy. btw, i don't have clinical narcolepsy, i checked and even did a research project in yr2 on narcolepsy before. HAHA.

despite that i studied the vasculitides! and met lots of people mugging away in the lib. and the m4s who are now free to holiday. lucky people!

anyway i must say that i LOVE MICKY YOOCHUN from DBSK. seriously. so so handsome. and he can sing like that despite having asthma?! and i must confess that when i found out he had asthma i... watched the youtube vid to pick up signs of respiratory distress, & wondered if he was barrel chested.... hoho. luckily i'm not friends with any dbsk fangirls ;p and i dont think his respi distress was THAT bad. he should just carry a personal nebulizer around! [/medicinegeek]

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