Tuesday, January 10, 2012

you know the classic saying "God grant me determination to continue when it looks bleak and serenity to stop when i should and wisdom to differentiate the two" OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. yeahh. i need that now. .

anyway i think i should have done it all those years ago. so easy to say that now, but i kept putting it off. oh well. hahah. i dont think there can be much ramification, not after all this time, but WHO KNOWS.

and after much thinking i have also come to the conclusion that the season of the 16 year old me is well and truly over. it was really fun, i dont deny that. i love inmaturity, emoangst, bummingaround and the highs and low, but i think that there are different seasons for things and i am very clear about what lies next

which leads me to...

i love it when people tell me i should go into _______ and that i am made for it. THANK YOU SO MUCH. seriously! hehe. just small things like that, really encourage and make my day. i consider this a healthy form of delusion. for unhealthy forms of delusion feel free to pm me, haha.

on that note, i would like to say that usually if i am indulging in delusions, i dont actually tell people unless forced to, as a learned character trait after years of subjecting my friends to unwanted, unlyrical prose about love, life and the universe. if i am talking about something... probably i think it is an amusing topic to talk about socially. i think unhealthy delusions are best pushed under the carpet & forgotten FOREVAH. yay! evolution yo.

and cute babies really make my day. :):) not just one day, they make everything worth it. whatever it is.

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