Thursday, January 12, 2012

hard boiled egg of wonderland

reading haruki murakami interviews now. i think i must really sit down somewhere and read through his books from cover to cover, not just in standing up spurts when waiting for people at bookstores. true, every page is so like poetry that one is tempted to transiency, but still..

i think i fell in love once i read the part where he says his main characters are written to resemble nick carraway from the great gatsby. (actually, why did he not choose gatsby himself?!) but anyway. come to think of it, murakami is basically like the japanese fitzgerald. and he used to run a jazz bar. that must explain why "jazz leaks into his prose", as one review put it

i dont want to fill in my logbook. argh. so sleepy. i want to stay up all night reading murakami books. but i have one more fourty-five minute drive, one more prosaic day. and not to mention, i dont actually own any of his books

i nearly forgot my friday mission. i think, to heck with it.

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