Sunday, January 8, 2012

1. i have cimmamon for cinnamon rolls!
2. i studied ascites today
3. church = :)

1. ELECTIVES ARE STRESSING ME OUT SO MUCH. its freaking one month of my life, i would like to do sth productive. im sure that randomthings that i find rushedly can fill the time, but i want it to be more than that. i do have a project (finally), now the prob is making sure the bulk of the time is within the elective timeperiod. i could canvass for ANOTHER project, thereby making my hols zeroo, which is actually fine by me coz i love this speciality & would happily do ten projects in this area if i were allowed but then yunno, i foresee weird logistics working it alll out like maybe happily the first project works for electives and then i am wasting the depts time by straddling 2 projects, like being too greedy for projects (well, yeah, but only in the sense like how mice like to eat cheese!). okay and anyway i love to overestimate my abilities but two projects might really be too much. (unless its just lit review, haha. but then it wont be impactfull enough.)

ok. basically that is it i am v stressed about electives and WE HAVE TO DECLARE ON THE 10TH why is it so exciting and fastpaced huhh. like so if i declare i have plans, they may not plan for me?! but i may not want what they might want to plan for me...

okay maybe i will spend the month taking yoga classes to finally become certified. i must have taught friends + family like over 20 classes by now. but erm its 3000 and i dont even know what currency that is in and ARGH ONE MONTH OF MY LIFE i coulda spent jetting off to john hopkins or something, assuming they'd accept me.

2. i need to find a case for writeup by mon or tues :( even though the writeup itself is due like NEXT mon. bleh

haha ok i am sure the elective thing will work out. just that i have been going over the possibilities for awhile now and i just needed to lay out the thought process somewhere. i guess i will just try to get another project & thereby have stress ++ doing 2 projects & trust that either it isnt too hard or i have superhuman skillz coz i dont want to force the thing to fit in the 4 weeks if it cant, or like put it down as those 4 weeks and then errm find out too late that i finished everything too early/ the delay in waiting is too long

but what shall i write on the declaration thingy?! they should have a yes/no/MAYBE option hahah

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