Tuesday, December 13, 2011


one write up, two more morning clinics, and one more set of lectures standing between me and holiday!!

although i have been actually practically on holiday since paeds posting finished ;p except that no holiday involves waking up at 8am as far as i am concerned.

trax's like a dream has pretty lyrics

wordlessly, only

sighs increase
yawns come out from
the obvious expressions

as i walk on the path of time,
the world of you and i which used to shine
become miserable memories and
keeps on faintly erasing

at some point the seasons passed
and time went by
the accustomed two eyes with
no feeling makes me feel so sad
on the bright side, prolific mornings thinking of poetry during gp clinic. :)
haha actually i think its pretty awesome that the gp builds relationships so well with her patients. i think the gp im attached to is an extremely good dr both in terms of medicine and in the art of healing & communication. if only i could be as good as talking to people as her! some of her pts literally fly to sg just to see her. there was a funny bit where she was talking to a patient about cny celebrations at their house and i was thinking 'wow how cool, she is so close to her patients!!' then the gp turned to us and said 'oh this is my niece' HAHA.

bleh. writeup.

oh something that occured to me is that in the midst of enjoying life/ making further lists of all the things i wanna do, i realized that it feels really too... indulgent and materialistic. must i really have more dresses and shop at zara/ topshop/ h&m/ river island to be happy? must i really watch a thousand plays and ballets, must i really spend $$ to learn contemp to be happy? well, yes on the plays. HAHA. not sure about the other stuffs. i just think that chasing down every single thing on the wishlist isnt necessary for happiness. its true that getting what you want (in whatever form) is great, but sometimes happiness just is being. but i enjoyed the indulgences of the past few weeks. LOL. and wicked... well if miraculously someone goes with me sureee but i think paying 200 bucks to drag an unwilling family member along is not a good idea hhaha. but but christmas carolling is coming up! and high tea with michellee and lots of people coming back :) this december i can be social haha. THAT part of post-exam i lovee. not so much about the going out part, but more of the People :)


i liked the dream. it was one of the best i have ever had. it almost felt real

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