Wednesday, December 14, 2011


as a result of some unintelligent choices (did i REALLY have to surf what wiki says about h2g2 books this afternoon?!), i now have 20mins to finish my writeup. this sounds so luxurious except i have been writing it for the past two nights and thus far barely 950 words. and mind you most of the words are headings.

the last writeup i showed my gp and she was like very good! lots of headings! and actually i put them in out of desperation. haha it was quite funny

anyway if i dont finish by midnight & print to let her vet AND writeup all the cases in the logbook for signing, i will be superr sleepy tmr. i need to wake up at 8am to eat bfast/ change etc EVEN THOUGH the place is like 5mins by car from home -_- inefficiency yo. i dunno why either, dont ask me! time and space somehow conflates to make a super near location take a long time to get to

and and the funny thing is i feel like i need more sleep in gp posting? maybe coz we need to stand for 3 hrs and if i fall over and sleep its quite... bad haha. sy and i were mouthing 'i'm sleepy!' 'me too!' to each other which i think the gp heard coz after tt she told every pt 'medical students... i need to ask them qns or they will fall asleep' hahaha. and i think coz i CAN sleep more, i do. so every morning from 8-8.20 is spent catching ineffectual bursts of guilty sleep. anyway i dunno why i am just super sleepy despite the great sleep luxury (as opposed to other postings, not compared to vacationing in the bahamas DUH)

also read some interesting stuff (re: unintelligent choices that results in a rushed job now, compromising LOVELY SLEEP & sanity) that made me think about teh past. haha but i shall refrain from philosophizing abt debate until _______ is over. ps thanks c for the joke, i used it, HAHA.
listening to - a pink's let us just love from the protect the boss ost

anyway edit FINISHED WRITEUP YAY unfortunately it is 1am hello extreme sleepiness later.

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