Wednesday, November 30, 2011


this is so benjamin button. well clearly not a carbon copy, but the atmosphere/ music/ time travelling. AND THE GOOSE.

spent today at sgh. played with lots of kids, one kid was really the sweetest... EVER. they were discussing his lang delay and he kept talking to me hehe 'BEAR!' 'MIAOW!' 'NO!'. it was just sho cute. i love it when kids go out and wave bye to you (no doubt you gotta shamelessly beg them 'wave bye bye! like this! byeeee! byeee!!' before they actually do it.)

more importantly, identified lots of holes i need to fix. go go power rangerssss

oh yeah our tutor mixed up times (ithink, or forgot about us) so he was like 'nevermind lets meet after the test to go through answers!' -_- haha dont get me wrong, im quite keen, but i dont like discussing answers after testsss.
anyway dont worry i know God really doesnt owe me anything, and like the bridesmaids in the parable who never lighted their oil lamps, we need to be PREPARED. and it is really my own inefficiency as usual that puts me in this situation. which is nothing new, but hey self reflection! good for selfimprovement yo

anyway just as i left saw a case being adm for neonatal jaundice, quite cool to actually see it happening (not cool for the surprised parents). and one other mum actually thanked the dr for her gd explaination of physiological jaundice. one of those 'knowledge actually makes a difference in people's lives & helps them!!' moments. and the longterm followup of ex-premies yeahh

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