Saturday, November 26, 2011

winter rose

song of teh day

funny stuff!
*cg mates complaining about how the seat i picked is directly under the sun & too hot*
me: oh nevermind, at least we wont get vitamin C deficiency!!

yes, yes, i know, no need to rub it in...

during portfolio
tutor: so what are the phenotypes of asthma?
my friend: viral induced, exercise induced.... *long pause in which i try to surrepitiously whisper stuff to him* and the unknown type, where we don't know what it is

me: hey where are you guys now?
c: oh we're just showing dr rajeev some magic tricks
me: .... okayyy

so the trick he showed is the one where u write down a capital city and think of it really hard and c tells you what city ur thinking of

next day
c: you know, just now i went to ask dr rajeev a qn abt a patient, and he looked at me and said "i'm thinking of the answer right now, can you tell me what it is?"

the conclusion is, i think c needs to do more magic tricks to brighten up our lives. the making a rasin dissappear during developmental assessment of a 2 yo kid was pretty awesome too. unfortunately as our professor was playing peek a boo behind him at that moment, he missed the cool show of magic. hahaha.

chua chu kang polyclinic well baby assessment was pretty fun! i was kinda dreading it cos i was sooo tired and it is soo far but my DA has improved lots since then!! yay yay. the dr running it was very good also, and clearly very old & senior. like all our profs are his juniors/ housemen!!

and was discussing paeds with shariff on the mrt back, it was v encouraging

Also yeah i guess good marks are the icing on the cake
and yeah, i'm also obsessed with cake icing & frosting ;p so, that's me. hehe.

thank you God for two rather good assessments, let me trust in you for the portfolio :)

see, at the end of this posting, i was going to decide my entire life
i have decided the following
1) no, i dont really need to decide now
2) its when no matter what you still wanna do it, that you should

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