Friday, November 4, 2011


There’s no no tomorrow
I’m stopped still from that time, that place
It’s the last, lingering moment
Although for you, it was just a passing day

Til you come back, everyday is yesterday

love taeyang's dancing! although random jazzy moves in the desert are... quite odd. speaking of that, jazz on monday! yay for public holidays.

a random reflection thus far:
i actually really enjoyed my time in ortho, possibly because of the honeymoon period in cgh hahaha. that said my cgh tutor was actually very good and we must have done the knee physical exam like hundreds of time for him during clinic. there's something quite cool and camaraderie-ish about the entire department having to report for the 7am morning rounds in the seminar room, with the HOs stressed out and presenting cases, with the hierachy of sitting position and the consultants publically grilling people on random questions. it's kinda what i always imagined medicine to be like, so it was pretty awesome. i don't think i've ever experienced that in any other posting to date!

and i think my whole cg knows exactly WHAT i miss about cgh ;p and no, it is nottt mr bean. we also got to try out the whole gowning-up for theatre thing at our leisure, which was good, although not so when we inadvertently went out of the sterile area once and had to re-gown hahaha. the indian dude chinmaya made friends with for the spine tutorial was AWESOME too hoho

nuh ortho! i arrive to find that both my tutors are in MAURITIUS. correction, one is still there, and the other picks up my call when in transit. actually i cant remember much about nuh ortho, except i felt that ortho surgeons really do love their job as evidenced by their collective enthusiasm at cool cases. and that one tutor scolded me for not asking enough questions and another told me "stop asking questions for the sake of asking them!!" hahaha. and somehow i feel that on the scale of surgeons, ortho surgeons are actually nicer than general surgeons. also, SCRUBBING IN AND ASSISTING WITH SURGERY when the mo felt faint and fled. SO EPIC. and then cake after that with the consultant and reg.

and the most epic thing about nuh ortho was doing the debate, i think it sort of only hit me the NIGHT BEFORE THE MCQ, doing thousands of mcqs, that i maybe should have studied harderrr. i guess if i had done one or the other, i could have done better in either, and starting internal medicine right after that weekend was TORTURE hahaha.

despite that: ortho still went okay! one mark shy of an A :D well assuming an A is what i think it is. i'll take what i can get! despite prof aziz throwing everything on the table and shouting at me "how can you be so stupid!" and not asking red flags for spine history taking long case, and not to mention the fire alarm halfway through the theory paper -_- i vividly remember writing neurofibromatosis as the thing started going off.

anyway good times! i dont have any major regrets other than the severe time crunch due to too many obligations towards the end, but it made me prioritise my time better! will reflect on the gen med posting... at some other time :)

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