Tuesday, November 22, 2011

mini-cex = truly a miracle. as in, the miracle occured that it was allright, not the type of miracle where i need to be rescued from the grand mess i made. although i havent figured out if maybe the mess was meant to be, the other time. i think basically i clearly know what i am deficient in (cough physical examination) and i should totally fix it.... sometime. i highly doubt i can fix it in the next 2 weeks in this thoroughly overclerked place :(:(

and um, knowledge, and BRAIN POWER. that one, fixability varies

nevertheless, i am very grateful

unfortunately, half of this 4 weeks' marks also depends on PORTFOLIO

all my cases are common cases, but ATYPICAL, making finding guidelines horrible.
but usually, hard work doesnt deter me. some dramas to cheer myself up, food (i had a brownie just now hehe) and thoughts of long runs usually do the trick

but something i find i can't work through is PHYSICAL PAIN
which makes me emphathise muchly with patients. so okay, plus point

minus point is i have this freaking headache which makes me unable to do anything now but sleep. so i only have tomorrow night to finish this portfolio. do-able but i doubt it'll be a ball of a time

oh sorry, i meant the TWO portfolios
i would bang my head against the wall but that might increase the pain.

worst thing is, ive been sitting here since 6pm trying to work, but the thing just doesnt go away. i havent even been slacking off or sleeping or anything. oh i ran for 50 minutes which possibly made it worse YAY GOOD ONE

i sincerely hope this goes away tomorrow, where i have to finish the entire unfinished ward embedding form urghhhh

okay happy stuff
this v cute boy in the ward who is clearly recovering is SO HAPPY and was sad that my friends were having tutorial and couldnt play with him. SO CUTEE. so then he got them to play card games with him after. hardened, stressed out medical students! truly amazing sight. then then my friend won the game, so he went to his cupboard, and PRESENTED HIM WITH A CHOCOLATE EGG. omg. sweetness overload. really touching moment, even though the chocolate didnt go to me. i think the best is how he was doing percussion on his penguin when i passed by him in the ward the other day

1. present at ward rounds
2. follow a patient off somewhere to watch a scan or sth being done
3. watch a ho take blood or something
5. rush home and rush portfolio (please God, no more headache, or ANY sort of physical pain! even hard work looks good now. on that note, please let me not catch any of the random viruses all the little kids are carrying. i do like kids and i do like learning about their diseases but i really am not too enamoured with the idea of catching transmissible diseases. infact my medstudentitis makes me POSITIVELY paranoid like when i had headache and vomiting during my GE episode i thought it might be raised ICP)
7. do emergency simulation thingy thingy

1. hand up portfolio

1. go to chua chu kang for gen paeds clinic (sigh. so far)
3. oh wait, portfolio review


week after
1. lock self in library and do mcqs

so fun

after that, teas/lunches/ plays, etc YAY. it all seems so faaar away

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