Saturday, November 19, 2011

the glacial stairway

be it writeup or whatever, something about today makes me obsessed with lyricism, with re-writing, with beauty

about how it is freezing inside and suntan worthy outside

this review of a new collection is one of the prettiest paeans i ever heard. and the lines themselves justify the equally elegiac love poetry to the poetry

and yes, i know, i should be analysing electrolytes

imbalance, is all it is

"an impressive collection from a sculptor of light" i want to sculpt light, too. "Unsustainable light, discontinuous song, unpayable debt"
"couplets that shine like desert sun on barbed wire". tuscany poetry? count me in. "luxuriously empty air" Paradisal sight, which extends to infinity, / Arcades, stars, shadows, the eyes staring through us.

on the pyrenees, the poet writes
forward and upwards to life on the crystal blocks!
the skies here are never less than total

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