Monday, November 28, 2011


i am so not studying for mcq. ZOMGGGGG. will someone please save me from myself?!

just now my friend was filling up a form or something (i think?!)
"discipline? none"


i thought it was hilarious. now i see, IT APPLIES TO ME TOO

a lot of thoughts, distilled into these
1) that time God really led me to do it
2) this time?!
3) i should really be more mature & not just randomly go with my desires/ feelings/ what i -think- God is saying hai sometimes it is so obvious sometimes it is really so like eh am i looking into a crystal ball or is it really

i'm just looking for hope & peace. which option lets me find it?

cowardly shirking or WISELY REFRAINING, which is it?
compared to this, i feel 100x more sure & at peace with paeds. so maybe the outcome of this, isnt that impt. but whenever i think of not doing it, i feel like im running away. i dont know from WHAT. hahaha i may not even get picked so wait & see!

it's been an interesting evening contemplating God's plans & my methods of discernment (not very good)

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