Monday, November 7, 2011

big bang!!

*notice, fangirling up ahead*

Big Bang just won worldwide act for the MTV EMA awards!!! OMG OMG. I didn't even vote for them, haha oops. I know this sounds dotty & usually I'm not actually a rabid fangirl, I just appreciate nice music (have you ever heard tonight by Big Bang? It is THE WORKS), but when I watched the video of Tonight blaring through the speakers at the MTV EMA awards, and the five of them leaping out of their seats, high-fiving everyone in sight, it was truly BLISS. It's like supporting a sport team I guess. When they lose *cough gd smoking weed* you feel bummed, when they win it's joy and celebrations!!

No really, I haven't seen them look so enthusiastic and blissfully joyful about anything for quite awhile now. So YAY!! No matter what happens, they won a MTV award!! Haha im trying to temper this to sound less fangirl so it sounds oddly rational

YAY YAY YAY I LOVE BIG BANG!! sarangheyo oppa~ :):)

just to share a great video


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