Monday, October 17, 2011


i heart sushi!

clinics on friday were really v good, and i presented at ward rounds. first time i've ever heard anyone say "not too bad!" but could just be the reg is v nice

spent the weekend reading the diana wynne jones books i bought with the KINO VOUCHERS I WON *happy squee*. talk about satisfaction. they were really lovely. but now i'm going to die for the interactives tomorrow arghh. also skyped with michelle which was, as usual, full of the usual stuff ;p BUT highly marked with my computer GOING OFF EVERY FIVE MINUTES i'm sure you can see why that might get in the way

anyway, highly worried about the mini-CEX at the end of this four weeks, coz my tutor is a neonatologist so ALMOST CERTAINLY i'll get a neonate. ARGHHH. but honestly speaking i've had extremely low expectations of myself + really thick skin after the epic-ness that was TTSH gen med, so ANYTHING will be a happy surprise.

here's to one more week of feeling sleepy and alice-in-wonderland-lost, as i descend upon the wards with my newly-accquired stash of stickers, raisins & windmills!

(and as always, praying for grace. i can feel that i was called for this, and i don't want my human bumbling to mess up anything.)

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