Saturday, October 8, 2011

infinite paradise


i've never been so glad for anything to be over. oh wait, ortho. oh wait, year 2 exams... lol ANYWAY.

the past few days have been spent in a flurry clearing up admin odds & ends, writing thank you cards, clerking last min cases.

i want to say that i absolutely LOVE my cg. thank you so much guys for making this a fantastic 8 weeks. i have identified a staggering amount of personal flaws in this 8 weeks, but thank you for putting up with me, laughing at all my lame jokes, listening to all my random shizz, tolerating the blonde jokes (c, im paraphrasing here to be pc). we had an AMAZING end of posting celebration which involved crepes & pizza at marche, chocolate fondue and an enron-risque movie at m's house, and medical taboo! SO BRILLIANT why did we never think of this idea before hahaha. really suitable ending to an epic eight weeks.

as i wrote my thank you cards, the eight weeks flashed by my eyes. i remembered the first tutorial: HOW TO MAKE PATIENTS LIKE YOU. while its still a hit or miss thing for me, i think that i can get it around 70% of the time and depending on my energy level/ the exoticness of the thing the patient has, i can actually establish a pretty good rapport! the patient being grumpy etc doesnt usually matter anymore. i can make people happier! yey. clerked an amazing case for the final mini-cex yesterday and today when i went to the ward to get my scores the patient walked out of the ward with his son & waved happily to me. you can't get any better than that sometimes.

i remembered all the times sitting in neuro tuts with possibly the most passionate and enthusiastic tutor ever who really loves his students. i remembered our adorable cardio tutor and how i will always think of his face/ voice giving us the heart failure tuts if anyone questions me on hf/ murmurs EVER. i remembered the gi tutorials where i felt like syncope-ing but the great information on liver just kept coming like a waterfall, the pain/ flc clinics in which the tutor taught us hx taking and pe excellently except he thought it was our first day not our last HAHAHAHA. anyways, there's more but memory fails me. all the epic chart stimulated recalls with our core tutor. will definitely go through everything thoroughly and self-reflect (not that im gunner, this is on advice from people!).

and... paeds is coming up! no matter what, i think i owe it to myself to at least give it a good shot :) and... have fun.

on another note, i think i will ALWAYS wonder what the cases the ward reg told me were interesting to clerk, on the last day, but i never got round to.

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