Tuesday, October 18, 2011


He has made everything beautiful in its time. ecclesiastes 3:11

cant help but wonder sometimes, is it that some things are not planned, or that i am just messing up God's plan?!.

so many things, i dont think i coulda done it any other way. for all the good things i've accidentally done, i am heartily grateful.

there were one or two things that unexpectedly went a little off-track yesterday, when i thought i'd got it all down pat. it all happened so fast, and weirdly and argh i am just best at this kinda thing really. but then logistics-wise,today has been really good. i did all the stuff i want to do, plus managed to have a nap in the middle of the day ;p all greatly helped by ending at 1pm due to the cancelled paeds surg lecture hehehe

haish. but i still cant beat myself up about doing some stuff. i suppose it's just... a me thing to do. but i usually can leave a good impression on people for at least a year at a go, i dont usually do weird stuff early on in my accquaintances ARGHH okay nevermind, never mind. God turns all things to good! how he will do this is totally beyond me! and if he's to turn anything to good i vote for my impending mini-cex on a neonate instead hahaha.

maybe life just really is what you make of it

to think of fate, and what you missed out on by your own stupidity is too depressing really. just failing to do something is just barely acceptable, messing up teh PLAN is infinitely worse.

here end random thoughts, for we have FOUR 2 HR LECTURES TOMORROW. very soul-sucking ones where they make you do mcqs and TRACK YOUR SCORES. and CALL YOU UP IF YOU DONT DO WELL. oh goodness. guess no one's going to be nominating me as a good student in this posting anytime soon. (not like that ever happens). but better to do mcqs made by the professor than dubious ones from noobmed.com or some weird website or other, the night before the exam!

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