Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's better if you don't understand


this has really been the best holiday ever. there hasnt really ever been a holiday where i didn't have a BIG PRESSING ISSUE to dwell over, there's never been a holiday where my main concern was to CHILL BEFORE THE ONSLAUGHT BEGINS. that said, i can see already that yr3 is going to be xiong.

but you know what, i've told myself a thousand times before

this is the day the Lord has made, literally, and i will never allow myself to forget that. this week is the happiest week ever because of how much i wanted it. i know, it sounds nuts. tell that to my past self, i'm not listening. :):)

on an unrelated note, i've realized that it's okay to be worried about what people think of you. cos trying to be un-worried cos you worry what people think of you being all worried about what people think about you... uhhh... that's just stupid.

on another note, i dreamt of L last night, thanks universe -_- that's not really what i meant when i said give me a happy and bouncy dream, nope.

anyway the point is, i've learnt that the greatest happiness lies in things that seem contradictory; in things you wouldn't expect to be good, but are. and now it is time for me to think about other things, like FISH. i dont waaant to philosophize about happiness anymore, i just AM. lol how zen

also i am happy when people like my pie, and WHERE did the expression as easy as pie come from. clearly from someone who ATE pie but didn't have to cook it

oh oh also i was meeting nand and rusy for lunch and NIC APPARATED FROM NOWHERE. OMG it was amazing. best surprise ever!! three of the loveliest people who for some reason still basically are the same as ever, ie, wonderful, funny, etc, basically, WITTY AND SPARKLING (nic clearly we have arrived heh)

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