Friday, May 20, 2011

two completely polar opposite MVs. LOL

thump thump - from the best love ost

best love is really the BEST KDRAMA of ALL TIME. if anyone who reads this likes watching korean dramas, strongly reccomended!! cha seung won is officially my first ajusshi crush ever. its creepy that his son is my age though ughh. looks aside, his acting is superb. the way this guy shows pain/ affection with his eyes is unparalleled. and the way he actually wants friends/ companionship despite being a top star is so adorable. "didnt even ask me to go with them until the end. so selfish!"

even love declarations are cute
her: could it be... you like me?
him: ding-dong!!

LOL. okay there are a hundred things to love about this drama. like how she's on the phone with his rival in love and he's like... PUT DOWN MY PANTY BEFORE YOU GO. PAN-TY! PAN-TY!! zomggg

lest it seems that i've been pursuing brain-numbing activities all day long, i've also been checking out florentine art pieces okayyy. lol. can't help but think how educational this tri would be for an art history major. cos for me, its just like, okay, another famous art piece... that said, i do want to see the last supper!! apparently it's all fully booked though. bah. will try my luck i guess. right now we're just all living in fear of being pickpocketed in rome. zzzz I SURE HOPE NOT.

also went with a friend to kino to help him pick books. BOOKS! YAY! i have now assured myself of my own literary credentials, and mentally picked out all the books i want for my library next time. and, hopefully, didnt reccomend any unsavoury books to him lol. it's surprisingly stressful cos what if the person doesnt have the same taste in books! in the end i thinkk he got white teeth by zadie smith (which rayner lent me post a levels, and which i LOVED), the god of small things by arundathi roy (fantastic, but to this day i cant remember a single thing but the lemondrink orangedrink man. and no, it is definitely not a good thing haha), and a last one i can't rmb. others in contention were a brave new world, stig larsson, catch-22, etc. i guess we DO share a similar taste heh. anyways it was fun, friends + books is always a failsafe outing really for me

and met up with the girls yesterday for lunch! bleh i should have stayed for pirates cos its not like i was UBER productive or anythingg. anyways yea it was great catching up! and exchanging csfc stories :):) its the kind of outing you come back from and realise: hey, i have friends after all!! (yes. i'm slowwww) heh no la i knew it all along but yknow i prefer to count my chickens after theyve hatched anyway we have plans to bake after i come back from italy!! yey. why do all my post exam plans sound the same forever i dont seem to evolve from my 16 year old self very muchh

on that note,

it hurts by 2NE1. THEIR HAIR. and the cake! i love 2NE1 to bits!!

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