Monday, May 9, 2011

the reason why i havent decided on anything is cos im scared

i dont believe in logic & philosophy anymore. they always fail me. anyway, i was always lousy at those philo essays we had to write in rg. God isn't giving me any divine ideas either but considering how ungrateful & unchristian i can be sometimes, honestly, I'M NOT TOO SURPRISED. that said, im happy i've been human all this while. cos martyred suffering is no fun, nope.

that said, my crystal ball tells me HAPPY DAYS are on the horizon, i just dont know where the horizon is. THAT said, i watched a hilarious drama last night where the heroine fell into a giant champagne glass. HAHA.

but most importantly; after rain, there comes a rainbow :) literally. fingers crossed for this one.

ALSO i really am m3 now, having passed CSFC (not that i doubted this but you know). lol. it's kinda anticlimax & the season for gratitude is... loong over but srsly THANK GOD, THANK GOODNESS, WHEW, YAY, bring it on, etc. m3!! :):)

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