Tuesday, May 17, 2011

into the light

from wj's blog:
It scares me because I know I could potentially kill or save somebody. And it inspires awe in me because I realize that every day, I am standing in the gap for somebody, and I have the ability to make a difference. I could help somebody with my knowledge and care, or kill somebody with my ignorance or tardiness.

wow. that really puts all the studying in perspective huh?

i'm excited about Life. about my holiday, about year 3. about the things i want to volunteer to help in, about projects that may commence. fiddling with genes in lab/ neuro stuff gets me uber-geekily excited. i'm really grateful for the two beautiful years that God gave me in edinburgh. i think that i have successfully forgotten all the emo winter days HAHA. seriously, memory is so leaky. i only remember the hundreds of gatherings/ dinners/ worship sessions/ fellowship/ games/ madnesses. lots & lots of loveliness. nola i think nothing is ever perfect, but those 2 years were pretty close. and also, the session with our medicine tutor where he was running through the neuro exam and i kept trying unsuccessfully to stop laughing at all manner of random stuff. heh. actually csfc was pretty nice :) but yeah last sunday, i found myself thanking God uncategorically for the amazing-ness of it all. not thinking about any philosophical mountains or whatever, or what is better (cos there is no answer to that).

i heart this song!! miss A fighting :)

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