Monday, May 9, 2011


camped out at borders to research my magical dream trip (btw, it's LITERALLY magicaldreamfluffycottoncandy, as i highly doubt we're going hahahah. whaaaat's new la. i'm not sad dont worry, the prep is half the fun :) but of course, when i was actually researching it in guidebooks, i thought maybe 75% we were going. i don't chase pipe dreams THAT often. only half the time ;p), i chanced upon eat, pray, love, which was made into a julia roberts movie. it is AMAZING.

i liked this quotation best -
"from the center of my life, there came a great fountain" - Louise Gluck

also ELECTIONS, stayed up til 3am. EXCITING STUFF. when i was actually voting i got pretty excited heh. it's the whole I AM TAKING PART IN DEMOCRACY FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE thing. they said singaporean youth are apathetic but actually i think this election proved otherwise! a highlight was watching the news anchors rack their brains of things to say, watching the massive #sgelections thread on twitter, and watch the news actually use the twitter posts as news. hahaha. felt pretty sorry for the news people. and despite the whole yay for democracy thing, george yeo too, he seemed like a gentleman when accepting his defeat.

lol that's all i will say about the elections. ALSO. the returning officer dude, ZOMG. in the end i'd check the today online twitterfeed before he announced the results. and i think ultimately what i liked about this elections is the massive debate going on in the rallies/ newspapers. that just made it so exciting! and you know in normal debates, you win or lose, and go home, and it doesnt really matter anymore to anyone except you. but this time, the outcome of the debate impacts a whole COUNTRY. that's really amazing.

on a separate note, been doing some soul-searching lately. i can't say i know what to do about the future future, or but i think this hols, i'm literally going to follow the book's LITERAL advice ;p

eat, pray and love

if this journey takes me to italy, austria, or just to my backyard to smell the roses, or whatever, it doesnt really matter. anyway honestly looking at too many train timetables makes my brain hurt. LOL. and i am really scared of getting pickpocketed in rome. but i know He will not put me in situations i can't handle, so i will trust in that.

there really is a reason for everything.

i know the reason for why i went through some really puzzling things in the past, now. at the time, it was like "HUH, THIS IS SO RANDOM & OUT OF NOWHERE! WHY! WHY!" but it makes perfect sense now. but as to why NOW is happening, hmm, i'll get back to you in a few years time. well it isn't really right now now, but it's definitely a different chapter, with a different color altogether.

what i do know from the past chapter, and this one, is that i need to earn respect better from people, and i need to respect people more. i can't decide which is harder. but yeah. projects, studying, travelling, i can do that anytime. but messing around in the kitchen is not something i'll be able to experiment with when life gets busier. so if anything, i'm going to cook more this hols. maybe if i feed people, they'll be happier.

remember back when my answer to everything was cake? have problems with people? bake them a cake, i'd suggest! (qingqing once said in jc when i suggested this for cheering up an upset friend "that won't make her happy, it'll make her fat!) well. i've since learnt that life is indeed a piece of cake. you can't have your cake and eat it.

so maybe... i'll try cherry pie instead ;p

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