Sunday, March 13, 2011

the bridge

sometimes it seems like i'm battling a dragon with a watering hose.

but that's not the point. i need to find the impossible path, and make it. i deal in impossibilities; it can't be that difficult.

but in any case, usually exams are times when i lose all my friends (btw to any of my friends reading this: jiayou!!) but now hahaha everyone is locking themselves up for a mugfest so it becomes LEGIT. nevertheless i havent seen everyone for a veryyy long time!! except prabs & hanyu when we did the birthdayy thing :) so yes -making- friends during this period is really rare. so yep i just want to thank God for the friends i made during this stressful period. they've really exhibited christian goodness& kindness & i am glad to have known them!

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