Friday, February 4, 2011

happy cny guys!
ive spent the past two days first in a whirl of packing, cleaning, dusting, then... bumming around and inhaling cny food. seriously guh. there was actually a time yesterday where we all sat down to eat cny cookies LOL. but, am planning a run if it doesnt rain later, so it shouldnt be THAT bad

i feel reaally accomplished though, and even though all the dusting was in places that we dont usually see (eg random shelves, the piano), the whole place just feels newer and cleaner somehow. guess there IS a good side to all that frentic cleaning.

also, i dont feel anything anymore, which is always a good thing yeah
plusplus i found old flower-notes? well, dedication-things written on paper shaped like flowers by manyun,nandita, bernice, wanling :):) they were all sugar-sweet & heart-warming, etc. OH and sam ang too. and her last line was "lets both work hard & see each other in nus med!" heh. (ps: does sam ang need to work hard?!! no lorrr) but anyway that cheered me up immensely somehow. cos like YAY indeed we did! ok, idont see her THAAT often but i've definitely seen her around.

it seems like life is a string of neverending holidays. WHICH IS GOOD.

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