Friday, December 24, 2010

wow that was the most gatsby-eque party i've ever been to!

also, singing is CLEARLY not my forte, and definitely not the alto part nevertheless, want to say THANK YOU and much love to my 3 juniors: clare, rachel and sandesh! for enduring practices (and for clare, actual carolling!) its been really fun. and to my actual batchmates, its been really nice getting to know you guys better :) and christen and edmund/ christen and annthea suanning are very funny hahaha, + jeremy and his EXTREMELY random dissection of jokes. also thanks to the seniors who very strenuously tried to teach clare and me songs on the spot, and who sang into my ear so i could sing into clare's ear ;p and finally; YES we did sing carol of the bells! albeit rather off-timely and off-tunely at some spots, HAHA.

people are coming baaack and i dont know if i have time to meet up with everyone :( sigh. hope it works outt. last night i actually dreamt i was studying, ughhh. one more month to utter dhoom. or rather, one month of torture, a short break, more torture, then CLINICALS. oh please let me just get a b at the end of it all, i dont ask for too much!! and im beginning to think it might be more cost-effective to study at starbucks everyday. as in cost-benefit-analysis wise. HAI. but nevermind, i'm happy for now, yea like happiness is a currency isnt it ;p

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