Sunday, December 12, 2010


Narnia - Prince Caspian

I HEART Narnia, and CS Lewis. Also, the guy acting Prince Caspian is hot! Hee. Apart from that, the religious themes in it were really quite cool. Some particularly good bits - when Lucy goes into the woods to find Aslan, and he says "why didn't you come earlier?"; she replies "I was too scared to come alone". When they go into battle yelling "For Aslan!!!" and all the scepticism in everyone coz they haven't seen him in like a thousand years. Quite appropriate to the worldview of many these days. The way he roars at the dwarf and how in awe/ embarrassed of his previous scepticism the dwarf is.

And possibly best of all - the Regina Spektor song The Calling at the end when the credits roll.

I am not really sure what is wrong with me except that I just feel like crap, physically, and spiritually, or whatever. medstudentitis LOL. So I'm just really confused, and I'll get back with this living thing when I've sorted it out. Think its just a phase, and I'll find balance soon enough.

I really did have a stomachache yesterday, which may or may not have been pms, I'll find that out soon, haha. And that sort of wonked up lots of plans. Spent yesterday errr reading xkcd, watching prince caspian, and errr typing up notes on rhinitis (that's ONE SLIDE of the respi notes.) How efficient. The stomachache is STILL HERE, but I figured I gotta get on with life.

So. Bleh.
On the bright side, wrote two essays for merfl! Proud of self for making coherent sentences. Unfortunately I wrote them in the school comp lab then lost my thumbdrive after when I rushed off.

Asked the library staff for lost and found stuff. There was only one thumbdrive, which was filled with a project about zebrafish. How adorable really. Tried to convince myself and them I might have written some poetry about zebrafish, to no avail, since it was a science project. So now Im using a snowman thumbdrive, which ummm needs to be decapitated each time I want to stick it into the usb port. It's quite !! really, similar to my pink teddy bear thumbdrive in jc cept maybe WORSE. It's all quite oryx and crake really.

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