Sunday, December 5, 2010

selective memories

on a day when you feel like everything is spinning out of control... then you should only record the happy things. also i think this is pms so. yes. perspective.

1. BEATLES (playhouse)
2. bubble tea :)
3. bad romance (the song benny did for street jazz today :):) ITS BEEN SO LONG. love love)

dear cg mates, even though we were uberr chill and as a result are randomly fishing around for sister cgs, i still love you guys!

notes for self improvement
1. FIND MY MAKEUP. OR BUY IT. whatever it is, NEVER take another picture sans mascara/ eyeshadow. goodness.
2. never eat ever again (tough. but it might also help with the fact that i am now BROKE. thanks to the 50 dollar talleys book...)
3. go back to the being a nice person thing. i suppose it can get annoying if someone is attempting to be saintly and clearly fails on many counts, but id rather risk being considered hypocritical than not try at all, & at my lowest point, know that not only do i not have a thousand things, i dont even like what i see when i look into my own soul.

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